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“Juden” and swastikas, antisemitic tags discovered on a panel in Hyères

Source: nicematin

Hyères – Antisemitic tags were found this Thursday morning on the panel of a residence in the city of Hyères. The word “Juden” (Jews) and three swastikas were written very recently in black ink at the entrance of the condominium.

These antissemitic inscriptions include the name of Paul Langevin (1872-1946), a physicist who was vice-president of the Committee of Vigilance of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals (1934-1936), President of the World Committee to Combat War and Fascism (1935-1939) and President of the League of Human Rights (1944-1946).

At the beginning of the German occupation, his antifascist notoriety led to his arrest on October 30, 1940 and triggered the first anti-German demonstration on November 11, 1940.