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Captain of Transaviaon flight: “I don’t shake hands with a Jew”

Source: yediot

Yesterday afternoon, a flight of “Transavia” landed in Tel Aviv. One of its passengers, a French citizen of about 40, arrived at the border control post, stirring up suspicion among the inspectors, as he had no family or relations in Israel, nor could he explain what exactly he intended to do in Israel. As a result, the Population and Immigration Authority decided to deny him entry to Israel and have him sent back on the same plane with which he had arrived in the country.

In the afternoon the passenger was taken to Transavia Flight 3301 to be returned to France. He was accompanied by four inspectors of the Population and Immigration Authority, including the shift manager. Two of the inspectors were French speakers. As they approached the entry to the aircraft, the passenger began shouting and demanded to have his passport back. Upon hearing the commotion, the captain came out of the cockpit and inquired what was going on. When he was informed of the situation, he announced that because the passenger was shouting, he was not prepared to have him on board.

At this point the passenger was handed his passport back and appeared to have calmed down, but the captain still refused to allow him to board the flight. “I told him that it was a French citizen who had arrived on the same plane with the same crew, and that it was in his best interest to be returned to his country,” the team’s manager of the airport control said yesterday. “I also explained to the captain that according to the law he is obligated to fly him back to his country, and he began to make inquiries with his superiors.”

After the captain had received order from his superiors to fly the man back, one of the inspectors approached him to thank him. “He held out his hand for a handshake, and his reaction was simply ludicrous,” said the shift manager. “The captain pulled his hand back, said he was not willing to shake hands with a Jew and went back into the cockpit. We were in shock. We are all senior employees and we had never encountered an incident of this sort. We turned around and got out of the plane. “

The plane was on its way to Paris last night and it was impossible to reach the captain for comment. The director of the Population Authority at Ben Gurion Airport contacted the representative of the airline company to complain about the incident. The response of Transavia was that such an incident, if indeed having taken place, does not conform to the company’s code of conduct, and that the company would undertake an inquiry.