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Argentina Attack

Argentina chief rabbi severely beaten in ‘antisemitic’ home invasion

Source: ynet

Buenos Aires – Argentina’s chief rabbi was hospitalized in serious condition Monday after being beaten during a home invasion Monday.

The attack on Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Once was condemned by Jewish groups as an antisemitic attack.

The attackers, who entered the home of Davidovich in the pre-dawn hours, shouted “We know you are AMIA’s rabbi,” while beating him, according to local press reports.

Davidovich’s wife was restrained and the assailants took money and belongings from the home before fleeing, according to press reports.

He was hospitalized with several fractured ribs and a punctured lung, La Nacion reported. Hebrew-language press accounts reported his condition as “serious.”

AMIA said in a statement that the comments by the attackers were a cause for “alarm.”