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El Gran Rabino de la AMIA fue asaltado y golpeado en su casa: “Sabemos quién sos”

Source: ynet

Buenos Aires –  The Chief Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was beaten by criminals who entered his home, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Once, this dawn. Besides hitting him, some belongings were stolen. Currently, Dovidovich is in a medical center and has serious injuries to his body: a skull injury and a perforation in one of his lungs. It is out of danger.

We know you’re the Rabbi of AMIA, ” the criminals shouted before hitting him and stealing some of his belongings, around 2 am, when the man was with his wife, who was also reduced by the criminals, although He did not suffer any type of injury. His children, minors, were not in the property.

Both were sleeping when the attackers entered without forcing any lock. The complaint was filed at the Police Station No. 3 and an investigation is currently underway to identify them.

In this regard, the AMIA issued a statement: ” With deep concern, AMIA strongly regrets and repudiates the violent assault,” they said from the institution. In addition, they expressed  “their deep uneasiness over the expressions that the criminals shed before attacking the Chief Rabbi, who constitute -without doubt- a cause for alarm”.

AMIA accompanies Rabbi Davidovich and his family at this difficult time, and he vows for their prompt and favorable recovery,” the statement continues, in addition to asking the relevant authorities “to achieve a quick and total clarification of the attack perpetrated.”

The position held by Rabbi Davidovich, the Superior Rabbinate of AMIA, makes him the most important representative of the institution. It is about who is responsible for ensuring compliance in community life with laws related to religious matters, as established in the Torah and Halacha.

Davidovich has held the position since 2013 and among its functions are to provide assistance, advice and information on religious issues of all kinds and documentary certification for various procedures.