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Jean-Marie Le Pen says Jewish cemetery vandalism is ‘comms operation’

Source: lefigaro

Paris – Jean-Marie Le Pen, in a video broadcast on Thursday, February 21 on Youtube,  responded to the many claims that acts of antisemitism across the country have increased in recent weeks, including the recent desecration of dozens of graves in the Jewish cemetery of Quatzenheim, as reported by French daily Le Figaro.

The former leader of the National Front dismissed the claims as frivolous. “If there was antisemitism in France, this kind of operation would have taken place in 300, 500 or 1 000 cemeteries,” Jean-Marie Le Pen explained.

“The fact that it took place in a single cemetery, and precisely, as luck would have it, the day before the demonstration, it is a good comms [strategic communications] operation,” he said mockingly. This desecration reminded him of another case in 1990, when the Socialist Minister of the Interior, Pierre Joxe, blamed the FN after the profanation of a Jewish cemetery in Carpentras by neo-Nazis.

“It is well known [that this case] was orchestrated by the government as a provocative operation against the FN, that it resulted in a real march where the President of the Republic was present, leading the marchers,” he said.