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Desecration France

A memorial plaque for Jewish children who were deported during the Holocaust was found broken in a school in the commune of Val-de-Marne

Source: leparisien

Val-de-Marne, Paris – A memorial plaque placed in front of the Jules-Ferry school in Maisons-Alfort was found broken on the floor on Wednesday morning. The city filed a complaint against X.

Nothing indicates that the incident has been motivated by antisemitism, but the context in which it occurred alarmed the mayor of Maison-Alfort. She files a complaint on Wednesday after a memorial plaque to commemorate Jewish children from the aforementioned school who had been deported, was found broken on the floor.

The police did note any malicious graffiti or other signs of vandalism. The plaque was placed on a stand opposite the Jules Ferry School. There are three identical plaques in the city.