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Propaganda Vereinigte Staaten

Ilhan Omar retweets, löscht Post und beschuldigt sie des Antisemitismus: Bericht

Source: Daily wire

Washington, DC –  Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, has allegedly retweeted and then deleted a Twitter post accusing her of anti-Semitism after being called by both sides of the aisle for calling the US “all about the Benjamins “Designated.

The tweet, which she allegedly re-released, came from historian Joshua Zeitz. The tweet in question began as if it supported the earlier comments of the congressmen. He wrote that he is “one of the American Jews who resist the occupation, complain about Israel’s anti-democratic drift and do not consider the country particularly central to my Jewish identity.”

The tweet continues: “And I know exactly what the congresswoman meant. She might as well call us a hooked nose. “

Mediaite grabbed the retweet, which was soon deleted. There was some speculation that Omar might have retweeted the critical tweet after reading the first few sentences.