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Britain Harassment

Jewish woman ‘froze’ when two men started antisemitic chants on her London Underground train

Source: thejc

London – A Jewish woman has said she “froze” after hearing antisemitic chanting on the London Underground, as police officers issued a public appeal to find the two men they believe are responsible.

The 33-year-old woman, who asked to not be named, said the men chanted: “We’ve got foreskins, we’ve got foreskins, we’ve got foreskins, you f*cking Jew”.

The two men, who were reportedly travelling with a child, made the offensive remarks on a northbound Victoria line between Victoria and Green Park stations at about 8.30pm on Saturday December 15.

The witness told the JC that she believed the suspects’ chanting may have been related to football rivalry. Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Fulham all played fixtures in the capital on December 15.

She said: “It sounded like football chanting. In that situation you just freeze. You don’t know whether to confront them, and identify myself as Jewish. No one else said anything at all.

“I’ve seen in the last few years an increase of things like antisemitic graffiti, but I’ve never heard something so blatantly and carelessly antisemitic in public. They were quite gleeful.

“My partner encouraged me to report it. In the end I was the only person to come forward. But the police can’t do anything without it being reported.”