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Struggle against Antisemitism United States

Elan Carr named new U.S. envoy to fight antisemitism

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The Trump administration, after more than two years and significant pressure from Congress, has named a special envoy dedicated to fighting antisemitism.

The appointment of Elan Carr, whose title is special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, was announced Tuesday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

cording to Pompeo’s statement,Carr is a former criminal prosecutor and serves as a military officer, according to Pompeo’s statement.

Pompeo also said Carr had “served as an anti-terrorism expert, and a Jewish community leader” and “has played a prominent role in defending the safety of the Jewish people at home and abroad.”

Carr ran for Congress as a Republican in California, losing to Democrat Ted Lieu.

Carr will attend conferences on combating antisemitism this week in Slovakia and Belgium, the State Department said.