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Argentina Struggle against Antisemitism

In Mendoza they remove a table game from schools because of antisemitism

Source: diariomendozasur

A play called “At the Tip of the Tongue”, produced by the cooperative “La Chipica” in Guaymallen, Mendoza, is now in its fifth edition. It includes a card that contains “inappropriate and offensive terms to Jews.”

The game has been around for nine years, but in 2017 the Ministry of Health and Social Development bought 5,000 units and several were given to different schools in the Petra Rios.

According to DAIA Mendoza, this game is considered as being an “antisemitic game.”

“At the Tip of the Tongue” is about giving signs (or clues) about the word that you have to guess. The argument begins with the clues included in the definitions about the Palestinian state: “destruction and dispossession,” “Jewish religious fanaticism,” “stolen territories,” “Jewish settlements”

“The choice is the decision, here they don’t encourage you to think but to choose,” DAIA mentioned.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health and National Social Development, contacted the organization representing the Jewish community and asked for forgiveness. They announced that they had decided to remove the game from the schools. “We are not in Daia to forgive anyone, but we want to meet Minister Carolina Stanleyley and tell her what happened. Even though this is a game, it is not something simple”.

Nevertheless, Daia is examining the legal possibilities against the company selling the game. They promised that Social Development Minister Carolina Stanley would receive Daia and the Argentine Zionist Organization (OSA) and discuss the matter with them.