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Annual Report Germany

Stuttgart: more antisemitic and xenophobic criminal offenses in the south-west of the country

Source: morgenweb

The number of antisemitic and xenophobic criminal offenses observed over the past year has increased sharply, while criminal offenses against refugees has decreased.

For the first nine months of 2018, the Ministry of the Interior recorded a 40.6 per cent increase in crimes against foreigners – 412 cases, including 26 violent incidents (18 for the same period of last year). The number of antisemitic incidents increased by 38.1 per cent to 87 (63 last year), including one case of violence (zero for the same period last year). The ministry spokesman explains this by an increase in the number of reported cases but also because of the existence of imitation offenders (copycats).

The decreasing number of victims among refugees can also be explained by the fact that fewer political asylum seekers have lived in public homes and therefore, according to statements, fewer conflicts have happened. The final figures for the year 2018 will be published in March