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Bedrohung Vereinigte Staaten

Ein Mann wird angeklagt, nachdem er eine gefälschte Bombe mit antijüdischen Angriffen an der UCPD hinterlassen hat

Source: berkeleyside

Berkeley, California – The security officers said that someone in the university had planted a “false bomb” with anti-Semitic inscriptions. The Berkeley police claimed it was not a hate crime.

48-year-old Michael Fleming was charged at the Alameda district attorney’s office on Monday for sending a “bomb dummy” somewhere that terrified people. That’s a crime.

During his arrest, Fleming made a series of racist and offensive remarks against Jewish culture, expressing anti-Semitic remarks, including the wording found on the box. The police arrested him on suspicion of hate crimes and the laying of a bomb dummy.

Last Friday, Fleming left a sealed white box in the front lobby of the UCPD and left the area. There were a few sentences on the box to read. One of them was: “Bomb inside”. The other messages were anti-Semitic, such as the one stating that “all Jews [expression] and vaporize”. The police said there was also a swastika on the box.

A bomb disposal expert confirmed that it did not contain any explosives.

The police checked the security cameras in the lobby and said they saw Fleming putting the parcel in the lobby. In the movie they could see what he was wearing and said he had “a strange limp when he leaves”.

About two hours later, Fleming was arrested and said he did not speak English and made insulting and racist remarks against Jewish culture. When the officers handcuffed him, he began to utter “anti-Jewish remarks,” much like the inscriptions on the box he had left in the lobby.