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Netherlands Struggle against Antisemitism

21  year old sentenced to community service for anti-Semitic Twitter messages

Source: parool

This is what the judge has ruled that Friday.

In one of his Twitter messages, which he published in October 2015, the man says that he is offering a prize of 100,000 euros to ‘the one who will bring me the heads” of four Jewish twitterers. In the same message he refers to their Twitter accounts. In a following message he suggests ‘to prepare four pyres”.

Two of the four Jews file a complaint. In a statement to the court, one of them indicated that those are hate messages inciting to violence. She is also afraid that if she does not take action, the threats will only get worse.

The man himself says that the texts were meant sarcastically or ironically. He thinks that this is evident since he added an emoji of a smiling and blushing doll in one of the messages. Moreover, he thinks that the messages contribute to the public debate. He also appeals to his freedom of expression.

The judge does not think that the messages have an ironic or sarcastic character. According to the judge, both messages are threats in which the boy explicitly calls for murder. In doing so, it does not make any difference that he didn’t execute the threat.

The judge also stated that his appeal to his freedom of expression in these messages is not an issue, because the texts do not in any way contribute to a discussion. According to the judge, he didn’t express his opinion in the message, but he ‘simply threatened and posted hate messages’.