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Germany propaganda

An Israeli restaurant received an anti-Semitic blessing for the New Year

Source: abendzeitung-muenchen

Munich – New Year’s Eve was celebrated all over Munich intensively. Even the guests at the Eclipse-Grill Bar, an Israeli restaurant in the Maxvorstadt district spent and enjoyed it.

The day after New Year’s Eve, the restaurant owner received a handwritten note that someone had hung on the door as an anonymous message.

Eclipse’s local managers and guests were cursed as “pigs.” According to the claim, “they drank, ate and smoked” and left their filth in the area. Up to this point, the text could have been written by an angry resident, who was harassed by the garbage.

But the letter says further: “Why do not you donate the money to your poor country, where you come from? The dirt remains for the German hard-working garbage collectors.”