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Canada Struggle against Antisemitism

Judge places stricter conditions on Montreal man accused of threats against Jewish community

Source: montreal.ctvnews

A Montreal man arrested last fall for allegedly uttering online threats against the Jewish community was told in court Monday to stay away from Jewish schools and synagogues.

Robert Gosselin, 55, was arrested in October 2018 and charged with inciting hate. He is accused of posting messages on social media calling for violence against Jewish people.

At the time he was released on $500 bail, but one week later, a man walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 people, prompting days of mourning around the world.

B’nai Brith has also reported a rise in the number of antisemitic acts in Quebec and Canada from 2015 to 2017.

As a result, on Monday a judge imposed three new conditions on Gosselin.

The accused is not allowed to go anywhere near a Jewish school or a synagogue. He is also forbidden from owning a firearm.

Gosselin also has a new lawyer who asked for the next hearing to be delayed to Mar. 4 so that she could become acquainted with the case, which prompted some concern from the judge.

Since the Jordan decision, the justice system says cases like this one must be heard within an 18-month period.

That said, the Crown reassured the judge that the case would be ready to go to trial soon.