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Threat United States

A neo-Nazi forum calls to kill Jews

Source: mako

Antisemitism around the world is worsening, and in recent years there has been a disturbing increase in the scale of the phenomenon. Racism and violence against Jews can be found not only on the streets, but also in a new and dangerous neo-Nazi forum in English which is becoming popular in the Internet and calls explicitly to attack Jews.

The forum, whose members are mostly residents of the United States and Britain, first appeared in May but has become popular in recent weeks. It is a reincarnation of a radical neo-Nazi American forum that was removed from the network in 2017. Until then, it served as a central tool for recruiting and disseminating information of ATOMWAFFEN, whose members were arrested two years ago after being found guilty of antisemitic and Nazi murder.

The most prominent events of the members: one of the activists murdered a Jew in California in January 2018, in early December it was reported that a member of ATOMWAFFEN was arrested in Britain after threatening to murder Prince Harry because he married a black woman and many other cases. The new forum “Fascist Forge” promises to “continue from where it left off” and its members are ATOMWAFFEN activists and people with a neo-Nazi agenda.

Vocativ, founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Mati Kochavi, discovered the forum by using a variety of tools for monitoring the network. The company analyzed the data of the users of the site and found that the average age is 21. Forum administrators wrote in a post that the purpose of the forum is to encourage the actions of groups of fighters, “as did our brothers in ATOMWAFFEN.”

In addition to video material of the neo-Nazi organization, the forum includes training videos for the production and use of weapons, manuals for producing explosives and bombs, and calls for ethnic cleansing and sending Jews to gas chambers. There have also been many posts calling for activity against Jews, blacks and the US administration.

“Through Vocativ’s technology, we have identified a new neo-Nazi forum with members of radical and violent organizations that encourage violent action on the ground,” said Amit Weiss, VP of Operations and Research at Vocativ. We at Vocativ believe that such a forum could lead to the next attack.”