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Delegitimization Jordan

Jordanian minister seen performing the traditional stepping on Israeli flag ceremony

Source: btnews

Amman – Israel’s Foreign Ministry has issued a protest with the Jordanian government and summoned the ambassador after the Information Minister and Government Spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat was photographed stepping on an Israeli flag painted on the floor of Amman’s trade union headquarters last week.

The trade union headquarters in Jordan placed an Israeli flag at the entrance to its headquarters, inviting visitors to step on it on their way inside, a traditional hate-ceremony in the Arab world.

Prime Minister Omar al-Razaz entered the road through a side entrance, thus avoiding stepping on the Israeli flag.

In response, the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel was summoned to a clarification meeting on Sunday.

Official protests were also submitted by Israel to the government in Amman and the Jordanian embassy in Israel.