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Germany Struggle against Antisemitism

Germany will give funding in the fight against antisemitism only after checking its purpose

Source: israelhayom

A significant change in the German government’s foreign aid policy, including to the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states: The German commissioner dealing with the fight against antisemitism, Felix Klein, stated that the German government would require all entities outside Germany receiving funding for various projects, to commit officially hat they will also fight antisemitism.

According to Klein, Germany’s funding contracts for projects in foreign countries would include a clause in which it would be declared that any expression of antisemitism would not be acceptable to the German government. Financing of projects that will include antisemitic activity will be halted immediately. In response to the question of Israel Hayom, Klein made it clear that these were also projects funded by Germany in the Palestinian Authority and “all over the world.”

Klein, who was appointed seven months ago as part of the German government’s commitment to intensify the fight against antisemitism, made it clear that he would work to expand the German “discrimination law” in a way that would legally prevent the discrimination of third-party Israelis in Germany. Klein referred specifically to the suit filed in Germany against the Kuwaiti airline, which refused to provide service to an Israeli citizen who wished to fly from Germany to the Far East. The German courts have so far rejected the suit filed by the Israeli passenger.