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France Harassment

A “20 Minutes” reporter witnesses an antisemitic scene in the subway between “yellow vests” and an old lady

Source: archyworldys

Paris – A driver of Line 4 of the metro was assaulted Wednesday by six individuals at the Porte-de-Clignancourt station.

The scene took place on Saturday night around 11 pm in a row of the Paris metro line 4. Thibaut Chevillard, journalist at 20 minutes, said in a thread turned viral on Twitter a scene he witnessed between “yellow vests” returning from the Paris demonstration and an elderly lady.

“I’m not used to talking about my personal life on Twitter. But I was so shocked by what I saw tonight in the subway line 4, that I feel the need to talk about it here. I will explain why, this Saturday, December 22, I was ashamed, “says our journalist. “A little after 23h, we got on the train to Reaumur-Sevastopol. Inside, three “yellow vests”, a little drunk, screaming: “Macron de-mis-sion! They were men in their forties, rather good-natured, who were returning from the demonstration.

“In the oar, we only heard them. Then the situation went into a spin: they started making dumplings, dumplings “40”. A little old woman, graying hair, arched back, got up. She went to them and asked them to stop. This elderly woman told them, “This gesture is an antisemitic gesture. I am Jewish, I was deported to Auschwitz, I ask you to stop. The three men did not stop so far. They laughed, then one of them told him that the gas chambers did not exist.

“Then another one started screaming: ‘Take off the old woman! tear the old woman off! tear the old woman off! His friend chained with a good old man: “We are at home! We are at home ! The little old woman returned to sit under their insults. At the next stop, she came down, silent, head down. They looked very proud of their shot. They began to chant again, “Ma-cron, de-mis-sion! Ma-cron, dis-mission! At the station Montparnasse-Bienvenüe, they went down and disappeared in the middle of the crowd.

“No one in the wagon has resumed their nauseating songs. The discomfort was even palpable. But no one has risen to defend this little old woman. I was ashamed of what I had just seen. Shame for not moving. Tonight I just have the sheaf. If this lady falls on this thread, and if she feels the need to file a complaint, she can count on my testimony. “

Many netizens have been sharing since Saturday night the tweets of our journalist. Many MPs and government members also reacted on Twitter, including Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior. “Vile and unbearable. Everything will be done to identify these individuals. They must answer for their abject acts. Covered with a yellow vest or hidden behind a nickname on Twitter, antisemitism must be fought with all our strength, “tweeted Christophe Castaner.

Alerted by Internet users, the RATP indicated this Sunday morning that “the RATP security and the police had been notified of this report”, adding that “the platforms were equipped with cameras and not the oars of line 4”.

The police headquarters in Paris reported late Sunday morning that an investigation had been opened, entrusted to the regional police transport.