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Alain Soral was convicted during an appeal for slander but was acquitted for denying the Holocaust

Source: bfmtv

The Court of Appeals in Paris convicted on Thursday the extreme right-wing negationist, Alain Soral, to a fine of 4,000 euros in a case of slander after he published and offered a poster against the Jews on his site. The court didn’t convict him in another case of Holocaust denial.

In December 2017, Alain Bonnet, known as Soral, was convicted to a fine of € 6,000 for defamation, as well as inciting hatred against the Jews and denying the Holocaust.

The reason for the conviction was a painting entitled “Pornography Memory” published on August 11, 2014, showing a woman dressed in a corset with a Star of David on her chest, standing in front of the entry of the concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau while holding money in one hand and her bra in the other.

The painting was then published for sale in the form of a poster or sticker and the criminal court ruled, among other things, that this painting makes “mockery of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust” and rejects “the crimes against humanity to a world of imagination and illusion.”

The Court of Appeals did not share this view and estimated that the painting constitutes a public defamation, but not an offense of incitement to hatred or genocide.

The court’s arguments are not yet available for review.

Julien Limes, the responsible of the online shop of the association “Equality and Reconciliation” of which Alain Soral is the president, was convicted to a fine of 1,000 euros for complicity in crime.

In addition, the two of them were jointly ordered to pay damages of 1,000 euros to the International Anti-Racism and Anti-Semitism League, which is a party to the suit in this case, as well as a sum of 2,000 euros for court expenses.

Alain Soral, 60, has been convicted several times in the past, inter alia for inciting racial hatred.