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Australia Harassment

Vile antisemitic road rage attack in Elsternwick

Source: dailymail

Elsternwick, Melbourne – A driver says she was called a ‘Jew cunt’ and spat on during a horrifying and racially motivated road rage attack.

The 48-year-old woman, who wishes to remain unnamed, said she copped the abuse after a near car collision in Elsternwick, Melbourne.

‘Hitler was right. He should have killed you all!’, she told the Herald Sun a passenger in the other car yelled at her.

The victim of the road rage attack was driving in the area at about 7pm on November 19.

After a near-collision with a black Nissan hatchback on the corner of Beavis Street, the driver rolled down her window and called the woman a ‘fucking bich’, she said.

When the victim responded a male passenger picked up on her accent and hurled antisemitic abuse at her and called her a ‘Jew cunt’.

While the shocked woman tried to put herself back together from the unexpected racial slurs, she said the fired-up pair in the Nissan hatchback threatened to ram her off the road.

Fearing for her safety, the woman stayed in sight of passers-by.

That’s when the passenger in the other car spat out his window.

‘There were a few people around, plus a car drove past us, so he spat from his side and hit my left side mirror and door,’ said the woman.

When the abusive drivers made off, the woman thought that would be the end of the ordeal.

Though that was not to be the case.

She said the drivers managed to get behind her again and continued to intimidate her.

Grabbing a metal jack from inside her car, the woman said she was fully prepared to use it in self defence.