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Desecration United States

Swastikas in a mezuzah in Cleveland

Source: hakolhayehudi

Cleveland, Ohio – swastikas were drawn in ink and found inside mezuzahs, sent for inspection in Cleveland.

A Jewish dentist who owns a clinic sent his mezuzahs for a routine check in a store for holy books and Judaica. The doctor sent about 22 mezuzahs for examination.

When the owner of the shop opened the mezuzahs he was amazed to discover that they had been vandalized and that anti-Semitic features had been painted on them. Swastikas were painted on the mezuzahs and the person who spray painted them, then rolled them back and put them back on the doors.

According to the report, at this stage it is not known how long the mezuzahs were in this condition. The doctor estimates that this was not done by one of his assistants at the clinic. It is possible that the cleaning or renovation team that worked in the clinic, is responsible for this antisemitic act.

It also appears that apparently after the offender failed to return the parchment completely to the mezuzah, he cut the end of the parchment to reduce its size.