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Britain Harassment

Luciana Berger hit with antisemitic abuse after calling for no confidence vote in Theresa May government

Source: TheJC

London – Labour MP Luciana Berger has been hit by vicious antisemitic attacks after she called for her party leadership to table a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s government.

In a series of messages sent to her on Twitter, she was falsely accused of receiving money from the Israeli government and was labelled “the member for Liverpool Haifa” – along with a claim that she is “an absolute traitor “ to Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

Ms Berger shared examples on Twitter, saying: “By all means disagree with me, but save the racism/accusations of treachery.”

They were sent to her after she urged Mr Corbyn “to press a vote of no confidence this week and then go immediately for a People’s Vote”.

One message from Amit Mozoomdar said: “Luciana Berger the member for Liverpool Haifa has come out in favour of May’s ‘deal’. Why does (Labour) tolerate this traitor?”

Another from Paul Elliot read: “Are you still after the £1m reward bounty posted by Israel then Luciana? I wouldn’t bother they won’t pay up.”

Another Twitter user  simply wrote “Israeli shill”, while another wrote: “How many shekels?”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named John O’Grady Artist said: “You and your coterie are 5th columnists Berger, with ill intentions. Play your posturing games elsewhere. Real Labour are way too smart for you.”

Another Twitter account said: “Luciana Berger is an absolute traitor to the Labour Party and to the work class. I can only assume she’s on the U.S payroll in the same way as Ruth Smeeth.”

Ms Berger’s Labour colleague Ms Smeeth, who is also Jewish, has repeatedly been targeted by left-wingers who falsely claim she is a foreign spy.

It is unclear how many of the abuse messages sent to Ms Berger came from Labour Party members.

Jon Lansman, the Jewish founder of pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum, was also inflaming tensions within Labour over Brexit, as he attacked Chuka Ummuna over his call for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.


He tweeted: “Astonishing that some of our MPs prefer to use the utter chaos which Tories have brought to the country and their own party to attack our own Labour leadership. We need MPs who are on our side, not this!”

Mr Ummuna, one of the leading figures in the campaign for a second referendum, responded: “Don’t be absurd man – I’ve just lambasted the Tories for not being mainstream, pragmatic or moderate, and called for a vote of no confidence in them – and that in your mind means I’m attacking Labour?

“What an idiotic comment.”