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Roommates find swastikas outside St. Roch house after Hanukkah party

Source: wwltv

St. Roch, New Orleans, LA – A group of roommates in the St. Roch neighborhood celebrated Hanukkah last week, but woke up to find a robber in their house and antisemitic graffiti spray painted outside.

“Our back door over there was wide open, there were drawers inside our house turned upside down, the police came, there was someone sitting in our living room,” Alison Cohen explained. “There were cans of spray paint on him, they noticed there was graffiti on this house and then the next morning we noticed the graffiti was swastikas.”

Cohen says the police responded quickly and charged the man with simple burglary, but the incident has stayed with her.

“You don’t think it’s going to happen in your neighborhood, in your home but it does,” Cohen said.

Other residents on the block are just as stunned.

“Completely shocking,” Victoria Elmwood said.

“I don’t have no words to explain how I feel about it because it’s sad to see something like that happen to our neighbors,” Michael Sexton said.

“I hope it’s not indicative of any kind of trend in the area, that’s not how we role,” Elmwood said.