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Uber Driver makes antisemitic statements and conspiracy theories

Source: femmeactuelle

Paris – Flora Ghebali, the daughter of television host, Daniela Lumbroso, had a conversation with a Uber taxi driver. Disgusting and worrying.

First, the situation is very normal – a young woman in a taxi starts talking to the driver. There are enough contemporary issues and, of course, she talks to him about the movement of the yellow vests. But very quickly, the driver’s words are sliding in different directions. The young woman, one of the daughters of the host and program producer Daniela Lumbroso, continues the conversation and immediately activates her mobile phone in filming mode. “An ordinary conversation about the movement of the yellow vests, which derives in three questions on the subject of “the responsibility of the Jews”. She published the movie in her Twitter account as well as on her Facebook page.

A series of false statements, silly remarks, a sad speech, strange thoughts. “I worked for 10 years in the 16th Paris district, I know how it works,” he explains wisely. During the conversation, she asks whether he thinks the Jews are getting help from the government, “for sure”, he responds immediately. And besides, he continues, the Jews and Israel, it’s the same, “For me it’s the same.”

In another video, the woman asks her friends on the social network to “listen carefully” to her driver when he explains that “Dieudonne told the truth … he talks about the Holocaust … the Holocaust is the greatest fraud of the century”.

At the end of the trip, the woman sent a message to Uber explaining the racist and antisemitic statements and Holocaust denial, and that she intended to file a complaint. “But I do not know the identity of the driver.” When the newspaper Klauser called Uber, Uber reminded the journalist about her social policies: “In the case of discriminatory remarks, the passenger’s account or the driver’s account, responsible for the offense, is suspended immediately.” In the event of a complaint, the company will cooperate with the police to “transfer all the details required for the investigation.”