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propaganda Ukraine

“Gas for free – in the gas chamber.” Poroshenko’s colleagues mocked the victims of the Holocaust when they explained the rise in gas prices.

Source: antifashist

Kiev – Ukrainian politicians have promised voters to lower gas prices. At first, billboards of Timoshenko appeared in the streets of the country in which she promised to lower gas prices twice if you choose for her as president. In response to this, on behalf of the president’s administration advertising signs of Socialist Kaplin (representative of the Solidarity Party) appeared in the streets, who wrote that if he is elected, the price of the gas will be four times less than its price today.

At the same time representatives of the President’s administration understood that the promises had almost no effect even on the patriots, and they decided to adopt Goebbels’ methods. The politolog, Lvov Alexander Peli, informed the Ukrainians that they should not be angry at the rise in gas prices because “free gas you can find only in a gas chamber.” He compared cheap gas from Russia to the gas chambers during the Holocaust. It should be noted that later the man blocked his publication.