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Delegitimization Spain

The municipality of Valencia has organized a meeting between several representatives from different cities to encourage the boycott against Israel

Source: aurora-israel

Valencia – The municipality of Valencia organized last week a meeting of representatives of authorities from various parts of Spain who have already approved decisions to boycott Israel.

The purpose of the meeting was to look for legal ways to implement the boycott on Israel in places that the municipality has already approved, even though this constitutes a clear violation of the Spanish constitution. In a press release, the organizers noted that the various municipalities would coordinate the correct working strategy to implement the boycott.

The title of the meeting was “Defending Palestine” and was organized by Neus Fábregas, member of the Valencia City Council for “Cooperation and Migration in Valencia”. The meeting was attended by representatives of other towns such as Madrid, Córdoba, Pedreguer y Badalona.

According to the picture published by Neus Fábregas herself in her Twitter account, Valencia is the largest city in the world belonging to a network called “Places free of Israeli Apartheid,” an organization that openly discriminates against Israel and its citizens.

ACOM (Action and Communication for the Middle East) condemns the meeting in a statement in the  Aurora Newspaper: “this is a new insult from the radical left against the Jews by the use of public authorities as platforms for the dissemination of antisemitism.” ACOM thinks the meeting “blatantly violates Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution by initiatives that encourage Antisemitism and xenophobia, and distancing itself from the doctrine of the human rights which they ostensibly defend.”

ACOM has in recent years canceled or suspended more than twenty proposals for a boycott of Israel initiated by several Spanish municipalities.