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Antisemitism since old times and up to today

Source: news1

By Yitzhak Meir

The only way to combat antisemitism is to call it by its name and to make the wider public aware of its psychiatric diagnosis

Reality itself is not just the mere statistics. A fifth of the population of Europe still believes that a few Jews rule the masses, or that some Jews represent countless masses behind the scenes, because they are the driving force behind entire economies which they literally carry in their veins, to mention just one such illustrious example out of many. That does not mean that a fifth of Europe is antisemitic and close to a half of Hungarians and Poles. This means that antisemitism is an ever persistent reality in Europe, ever since Jews first came to live in the continent. Maybe now more than ever before. This means that as long as there is a single Jew left in the world, there will be many for whom he will be the ultimate other, the crook who has forged an unholy alliance with the divine forces up in the highest heavens or with savage beasts down in the gutter. This means that the last thing an antisemite needs to justify his recoil- which is literally physical at times- from Jews is facts. Evidence. Data. Testimonies. To the contrary, antisemitism is constructed upon  fantasy. It is not criticism of Jews. It is pure fear. Is the inability to count or enumerate Jews, because it is based on the conviction that Jews – overt and covert – threaten the non-Jewish majority in the world.

No progress will change this unfortunate reality, because progress is a fusion of rationality with rationality, and antisemitism is the merge of rationality and delusion. Therefore, it is also impossible to combat antisemitism through facts. If millions in France – a media superpower, a pioneer of culture and education  are not even aware of the Holocaust, neither Auschwitz in Poland nor Gurs in France of Vichy, it will not be reformed by enlisting all the latest technologies of teaching through the best teachers and lecturers. They will continue not to understand what they have learned. It is not even denial of the Holocaust. It is the lack of existence of sensations that absorb information whenever it concerns the Jews. antisemitism is a chronic disease that remains immune to cure . It breaks out when tombstones are smashed of dead people who can no longer be harmful because they are long dead, but people who suffer from antisemitism are afraid of dead Jews like they are afraid of living ones, perhaps even more so. It erupts when a hysteria rages about poisoned wells and women who defile the newborn and when disinfection is attempted through quarantine or extermination.

One way to combat antisemitism is to call it by name. To publicize its psychiatric diagnosis. To live with the sane, and they exist for otherwise there would not be any people to call crazy, and nurture natural relationships with them not because they are the healthy percentage in an otherwise sick Europe but because they are the whole of Europe we wish to cultivate relations with, just as all antisemites are the infected Europe we don’t even attempt to forge a relationship of information with, such as about the Holocaust so they would know it indeed happened.

An antisemite is someone who says there was no Holocaust, because if there was there would be no Jews left in the world, and there are, every day more. All the museums, all the universities, all the films, will not change the fact that in their mind it never happened.

Therefore, only if we treat the antisemites as victims of an ancient plague that refuses to die out because those who suffer from it cannot be healed, and if we trust in our normality and nurture it through dynamic interactions with all the sane creatures of the world, defend ourselves with the most reliable protection possible from the antisemitic anomaly. The museums and the universities and the movies, can only benefit the sane. The antisemites see them as proof that the Jews continue to pursue humanity in a pathological way.