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Britain Struggle against Antisemitism

Racist who gave Nazi salutes and shouted ‘child killers’ during antisemitism rally is jailed for six months

Source: Daily Mail

A racist who gave Nazi salutes during an antisemitism rally then tried to claim it was ‘freedom of speech’ has been jailed.

Catering assistant Joseph Brogan, 27, shouted ‘child killers’ and ‘you people should live in Israel’ as hundreds of people, including MPs and rabbis, took part in a march.

As marshals at the rally in Manchester intervened, Brogan continued to hurl profanities and then raised his arm to mimic the Nazi salute before he was arrested.

One of the abused security staff later revealed members of his family had perished in the Holocaust.

Brogan, from Openshaw in Manchester admitted racially aggravated threatening behaviour but later tried to claim he was giving his opinion on ‘Zionism’.