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Annual Report

Report on antisemitism in Australia 2018

Source: ecaj

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has reported an unprecedented 60 per cent rise in antisemitic incidents across Australia in 2018, compared to 2017.

The Report on Antisemitism in Australia also identified an increase in overtly neo-Nazi activity by groups like Antipodean Resistance, who describe themselves as “the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for”.

Of the 366 incidents logged by state branches of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and other Jewish community groups, 156, or 43 per cent, were categorised as attacks, assault, abuse, vandalism, and graffiti, and 210, or 57 per cent, as threats via email, letters, telephone calls, or leaflets, posters and stickers.

There were more incidents reported in New South Wales than in any other state, at 166.

While the number of attacks increased only marginally, the threats increased by 147 per cent, particularly due to concerted campaigns of placing stickers and posters around synagogues and schools.

“The evidence points clearly to a sharp increase in the number of antisemitic incidents in Australia,” report’s author Julie Nathan said.

“Jews continue to be verbally abused and harassed around synagogues on a regular basis, as well as on the streets in suburban areas.”

As in previous years, the report noted, attacks often occurred on the Jewish Sabbath when community members were walking to and from the synagogue.

It also noted a correlation between a rise in antisemitic incidents and any spike in violence in Middle East conflicts, whether or not the conflict involved Israel.