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Britain Harassment

Residents told to take down their Mezuzot or pay for them to be removed

Source: The Jc

Cedarwood Court, Clapton Common, London – Jewish people in north London have been told to take down their Mezuzot or be billed for their removal.

Residents of Cedarwood Court, Clapton Common, near Stamford Hill, received letters from the managing agents this week saying hanging objects outside their homes was against the terms of their leases.

The letter specifically singled out the Mezuzah, the rolled-up scroll of parchment Jewish families customarily hang on their front doors.

“I notcied a large number of residents have mezuzahs and other types of religious items on the outside of their demise,” the property manager, from Warwick Estates, wrote.

“Unfortunately, this is against the terms of the lease and will need to be removed.”

The letter told residents that if they did not remove the items themselves, the agents would and “any charge incurred in performing these services will be applied to the offending leaseholder’s account”.

The letter was shared on Twitter by resident Ivana Bartoletti, who said she was “appalled”.

Ms Bartoletti told the JC she had lived in the area for 10 years, adding: “The residents all get on well. I have never heard of a single resident objecting to Mezuzahs.”

Philip Glanville, Hackney’s elected mayor, said he would raise the matter with Warwick Estates on Monday, calling it “very insensitive and also distressing for the residents involved”.

Warwick Estates was not available for comment on Sunday as this story went live.