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Antisemitic statements by Franz Wever, Secretary-General of the National Assembly

Source: laestrella

Panama City – In their letter to the President of the National Assembly, Yanibel Abrego, the Jewish community in Panama expressed its dismay at the remarks made by Franz Wever, acting Secretary-General of the National Assembly (AN).

“It was with great indignation that we read today on page 8 of La Prensa, about the interview conducted by journalist Flor Mizrachi in it, and we quote Mr. Franz Wever, Secretary General of the National Assembly, word by word as he makes the following anti-Semitic comment during this interview:

“The day the politicians give up supporting the sports, this domain will suffer greatly,  because the people who have rolls of banknotes (meaning the rich) do not want to put money on the table. They’re stingy. They look like Jews. The politicians are the ones who have the opportunity to contribute,” these are some of Wever’s words as published in La Prensa.

In its letter, the Jewish community in Panama demands a public apology in writing “in the wake of the injustice committed against us and this in accordance with the laws of the state that prohibit discrimination and incitement to hatred.”

Wever’s response

In an open statement, the president of the Swimming Association said his remarks were unfortunate and presented his apologies.

Weber said his statement was meant to humorous and outside the context of the interview.

“Because of my respect and appreciation for many of my friends who belong to this ethnic group, I extend my apologies to all those who have been offended by this unnecessary statement,” the current secretary of the National Assembly adds in the closing lines of his apology letter.