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Latvia propaganda

Flags with swastikas on Perkonkrusts demonstration

Source: CFCA

Riga – Flags of Perkonkrusts that contain swastikas were waved by its members during the 100 years Anniversary celebrations of Latvian Independence in Riga on November 19th, 2018.

Perkonkrusts (literally translated from Latvian as “Thunder Cross”) is the organization member of which took part in burning of the Choral Synagogue in Riga, as well as several other synagogues (only one survived due to its location among old buildings in the Old Town). The Choral Synagogue was burnt with Approximately 500 Jewish refugees inside.

Rav Kalev Krelin posted pictures on his Facebook page with a question whether this may be allowed, but his post was later complained against by some of the commentators, and removed from Facebook.

All the comments are in Russian, unfortunately.