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Report accuses Pomona officials of antisemitism

Source: news12

Pomona, Rockland County, NYA report released by Rockland County accuses officials in Pomona of antisemitism.

A complaint accuses Mayor Brett Yagel and other Pomona officials of using derogatory language and discriminatory practices against the Jewish community.

“A whistleblower inside the village government, a woman named Noreen Shea, filed a complaint with the New York state Division of Human Rights,” says Bradley Nash, attorney for Avrohom Manes and Tal Properties. “She really makes some very shocking allegations, including that she was referred to as a Jew lover.”

The report claims she was told she should use pork rinds to deter the Jewish community from entering the village office.

The report convinced Jewish real estate developer Avrohom Manes to reinstate his civil rights lawsuit that was thrown out by a U.S. District Court judge last year.

“We’re asking the judge to reopen the case to allow another attempt to plead the discrimination claims on the basis of this new and really very disturbing evidence,” says Nash.

A New York state Human Rights report also made claims of antisemitic behavior in Pomona.

News 12 reached out to the village for comment but has not heard back.