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Delegitimization Spain

Caving to BDS, Spanish city cancels water polo match against Israel

Source: ynet

Molins de Rei – A city in Spain has caved to pressure from the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and has announced it will not host a women’s water polo match between Spain and Israel.

The Israel-Spain match had been scheduled to be held on Tuesday afternoon in the Catalonian municipality of Molins de Rei, as part of a European championship that serves as a preliminary to the world water polo league tournament.

Israeli Water Polo Association President Revital Cohen Gluska said she was informed of the city’s decision on Monday morning. According to Gluska, while match organizers had offered to hold the match at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi arena, they had said that “there would be protests.”

Gluska said she made it clear to the Spanish officials that “protests are your problem and a problem for our security. If an Israeli team can perform in Abu Dhabi with the Israeli flag and anthem, we should also be able to play” in Spain.