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Italy propaganda

Selena Tiki and the “Auschwitzland” shirt

Source: bologna.repubblica

Predappio – Auschwitzland. The notorious extermination camp lending its name to a  Disney amusement park. The white inscription on a black shirt is a reminder of the jubilant atmosphere in the park. Selena Tiki, 48, who was a running candidate for mayor of Budrio representing Aurora italiana and is now an activist for Forza Nuova, proudly makes a display of her shirt: “This is black humor …”. On her arm she is donning a ribbon in the three national colors of Italy for she is one of the organizers of the event. The parade is about to begin and she is making sure everyone and everything is in check. She sounds baffled as she exclaims: “They wanted to ban our demonstration, what kind of democracy is that?”

The black heart of Italy is beating at a speed here, on the anniversary of the march of Rome. Some 2,000 Fascists arrived from all across Italy by car or bus for a gathering in the square and a procession in the direction of the cemetery of San Cassiano in order to honor Mussolini’s resting place. “We are about five thousand,” says Mirco Santarelli, a cafe worker from Faenza who tried to get elected to the Senate representing the Forza Nuova political party. Roman salutes, “Party member Mussolini, present!”. “Duce Duce”, “Damn those who back out,” shout those who miss fascism. There is also a poster, “Arrest all of Us,” referring to the request of the National Organization of the Italian Partisans (ANPI) to call off the procession. “We would have come anyway, how could you stop all these people?” muses Santarelli. Some have expressed this sentiment even more clearly, singing songs in defiance of the partisans.