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Annual Report Italy

Graffiti, vandalism and cyber attacks. An antisemitic tidewave is hitting Italy as well

Source: corriere

Starting with the slurs made against senator Segre and going on to the lists of “most influential Italian Jews.” Last year 2635 posts have been reportedely been shared on Facebook in Italian.

Claudio Del Frate

It all started with the offensive remarks made against Liliana Segre, a life senator and a survivor of Auschwitz. Those were later followed by the remergence of global conspiracies inspired by the “Jewish banker” Soros and theories purporting Holocaust denial and the expulsion of Jews from the ghetto of Rome. Italy too is experiencing the winds of antisemitism, which are blowing once again, as is an America stounded in the aftermath of the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue.

The website «laporzione.it» surmised that in 2017 there were 109 incidents of assauls made against Jews in Italy whether online, or in the form of malicious graffiti and acts of vandalism, but this is only a partial number reflecting the current state of affairs. A second source – Cdec (the institue for contemporary documentation of Jewish life) which monitors antisemitism in Italy- reveals an unfortunately common reality that is once again fluourishing on the internet. The Cdec itself is warning of the latest incident, which occurred on October 26. Liliana’s proposal to appoint a committee to examine the growing intolerance in the country led, in a matter of hours, to comments such as: “To date there has been no one more racist than the Israeli-Nazi-Zionist cockroaches,” those as well as slurs that are too offensive to be repeated, came not only from supporters of Fascism. Just 24 hours previously, this antisemitism watchdog had stumbled upon the video of youtube user “Insomnia”, whp under the guise of “wanting to share extreme jokes”, shared a video in which he declares that “The only good Jew is a dead Jew.”

The lists of “the most influential Italian Jews” are once again circulating on the internet while countless posts surface and resurface in which explicit jabs are made at George Soros’s supposed interference in the political elections in Italy and in favor of immigration. “Zionism is the cancer of humanity, Hitler too was a Jew,” declares the blog supporting the CS conspiracy theory. And all this is true only as of September 22. As one may easily deduce, the total count of incidents is far higher than the 109 incidents recorded in 2017. Last year 2,635 posts in Italian have been shared on Facebook, including antisemitic slurs and links to 330 neo-Nazi or fundamantelist Catholic sites citing counterfeit stories of any stretch of the imagination about Jewish communities.