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Antisemitic ad on WLW and KRC

Source: cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio – In the early morning on Thursday, Cincinnati’s WLW began airing an antisemitic campaign ad by Jim Condit, Jr., a candidate for Congress running in the 2nd Congressional District in which he spouted conspiracies involving “billionaire communist Jews.”

Then the complaints started rolling in. The AM radio station faced a threatened boycott on social media.

The station has no choice, said Scott Reinhart, program manager for WLW-AM and 55KRC-AM.

Federal law prevents stations from refusing candidates ad time, even if the ad is racist or antisemitic and aired in the days following the massacre of worshipping Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

“We can’t edit it,” Reinhart told The Enquirer.  “We really don’t have much of a choice. The only way people can do something about that is to write the FCC and change the law. We don’t like carrying it.”