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One of the senior officials of the National Aviation Administration was dismissed for antisemitism

Source: zaxid

Anna Vishniakova, a special adviser to the Foreign Ministry and president of the Jewish Student Council in Ukraine told us that Dmytro Ostioshin, director of the licensing department of aircraft engines at the national aviation administration was fired from his job as a result of antisemitic remarks.

On September 30, Ostioshin, while drunk, expressed his displeasure with the nature of the meals on the flight from Kiev to Dubai.

“He expressed his dissatisfaction he cursed and shouted loud words we cannot publish. He also shouted: “dirty Jews are guilty of this discomfort”, wrote Vishniakova.

In addition, it was reported that he had stepped on his seat on the plane and shouted: “Do you know who I am?”

On that same day, the crew of the plane reported that the Ukrainian official was drunk and dared to express antisemitic views.

Vishniakova noted that the Ministry of National Infrastructures contributed to the dismissal of the official.

The head of the Supervisory Board of the “International Airlines of Ukraine” is an Israeli citizen and Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the city of Haifa Mr. Aron Mayberg. The media also reported that the company is in the hands of the billionaire Igor Kolomoisky.

The website ZAXID.NET reported that in the past the Foreign Ministry in Ukraine fired the state consul in Hamburg, Vasil Marochintz because of antisemitic statements on social networks.