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“All Jews must die,” boys yelled

Source: collive

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY – A Jewish man tried to stop three 13-year-old boys, who are not Jewish, from spraying graffiti on a construction site on Eastern Parkway between Kingston and Albany Avenues in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights area on Tuesday.

When the three boys walked away and the Jewish man followed them, one of the youths yelled out, “Fuck you. all Jews should die” and threaten to stab him.

They also threw a glass bottle at a second Jewish victim but missed.

According to a report, as the teens fled towards their school which is located at St John’s Pl and Albany Ave, they threw a traffic cone at the second victim, hitting him and causing injury. They also spit at a third Jewish woman.

Police and Shmira volunteers managed to apprehend them and bring them back to the precinct.