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YouTube video of heavy mockery of the Holocaust

Source: osservatorioantisemitismo

The ‘youtuber’ InSoNniA, manager of a YouTube channel online since 2013 and with a total of about 90 thousand views, has posted a short video entitled “Nestori Diego Franz presents: Holocaust” that irks and offends heavily Jews and victims of the Holocaust.

The youtuber dressed as a SS officer in the company of two co-workers dressed as prisoners of a Nazi concentration camp, enters supermarkets and fastfoods constantly shouting insults:

« Danger, Danger, dirty Jews, only good Jew is dead Jew, shitty Jews, shitty Jews on their knees, lousy Jew, filthy Jew»

Insults, mocks and humiliates the two false-Jews by hitting them with a crop and forcing them to kiss his boots.

The soundtrack of the video is made up of speeches by Hitler while the pseudo SS hits the fake Jews and Jewish melodies when the same individual rises on the counters making the Nazi salute.

The video ends with the SS chasing and killing Jews

The youtuber thus defines his video:

“This is the one and only joke on Nazism that you will find on the net, the only one so strong. A sort of parody reproduced around, which was not so much parody. On this channel, I want to propose extreme jokes, otherwise it would be a channel equal to the thousands of other channels circulating on the tube. I like visually stun people watching. I like to stir up a sensation, I like to exaggerate. »

The InSoNniA channel contains other markedly offensive videos.