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Struggle against Antisemitism United States

Daughter of Washington Redskins owner found guilty of assault

Source: Times of Israel

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, a Manhattan socialite millionaire, was sentenced on Tuesday to three days of community service after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct over a January assault.

Cooke, the daughter of the late Jack Cooke, owner of the Washington Redskins, refused to apologize during court proceedings, claiming she acted in self-defense.

Following a meal at a Manhattan restaurant, Cooke had allegedly pressed Matthew Haberkorn’s mother, who was getting her coat, to “Hurry up Jew, I have places to be.”

Haberkorn claims it was then that Cooke swung her $400 glass-laced purse at his head, leaving him visibly bloodied.

Cooke for her part has claimed that she never behaved out of antisemitic animus, or said the word “Jew.” Rather, she’s maintained that she merely implored the woman to hurry up, as Cooke needed to “get through.” It was then, according to Cooke, that Haberkorn’s mother misheard her and yelled “she called me a Jew!” thus precipitating the scuffle.

Haberkorn’s wife, however, claimed that after requesting that Cooke repeat herself, she heard Cooke make the antisemitic remark once more.

Part of the altercation was filmed by Haberkorn’s daughter, where Cooke and Haberkorn can be seen shouting and yelling obscenities at one another, and Haberkorn can be seen wrestling with Cooke’s boyfriend.