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Jewish woman kicked in the face while protesting Labour antisemitism

Source: Daily mail

London – A demonstrator protesting Labour’s handling of its antisemitism problem was kicked in the face outside a meeting of pro-Palestinian supporters of the party in London, witnesses said.

The incident, which left the protester moderately injured, occurred on Tuesday night outside the Mayton Street venue for an event titled “Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine, North London.” It was attended by the U.K. leader of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and anti-Israel activists.

“Police is on scene treating injured Jewish protester who was kicked in the face,” David Collier, a blogger who specializes in covering anti-Israel activity in the United Kingdom, wrote about the incident.

Cliff Dixon, a protester who was at the scene, said there were two female attackers at the event, including at least one who assaulted the alleged victim, whom he said was Jewish.

“70 year old Jewish lady had her phone stolen and beaten by two girls, I was threatened and told I would be ‘dealt with’,” he wrote on Twitter. “When myself and some others tried to stop the second girl attacking her, we were shoved away by security including a particularly vile man in a grey sweatshirt who accused me of being far right and said he would ‘deal with me’ later as he knows who I am,” he added.

Euan Philips, a spokesperson for the group Labour Against Antisemitism, wrote on Twitter: “Earlier tonight a Jewish woman was beaten at an @PSCupdates event. No-one from the crowd intervened.”