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Attack Belgium

Nicole claims to have been the victim of an antisemitic aggression in Marchienne: “A man pointed a gun on my head”

Source: rtl

Marchienne-au-Pont, Charleroi – A couple from Marchienne-au-Pont claims to be the victim of antisemitic intimidation. They  suffered  insults and tags on their facade. Recently, a man reportedly pointed them with a weapon.

Last Tuesday, around 19h, Nicole was the victim of a violent assault. A man pointed a gun on the face of the forties. She was going home with her husband Eitan and her son.

“We arrived at the red light, in front of a hairdresser, opposite our street, where there was an individual, a bearded man, I recognized him, he had insulted me a week before “, confides Corinne to our colleagues. “This man, when we arrived, turned to us, he first looked at my husband and then turned to me, where he told me this: ‘I am going to kill you ‘a ball in the head !’ “. The individual would have released from under his jacket a weapon he would have pointed at the young woman.

For the aggression of last Tuesday, they filed complaint, again.