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Argentina propaganda

Legislator for the City of Buenos Aires refused to share a table with a politician linked to neo – Nazis because he is an antisemite, got up and left

Source: El Destape

During the broadcast of the GPS program by A24 hosted by Rolando Graña, Leandro Santoro, legislator from Buenos Aires left unexpectedly the program to not share the table with the reference of the leader of Bandera Vecinal, Alexander Biondini, as he could not stand to hear his speech, because he’s antisemite.

Santoro took a moment to interrupt him and told Graña: “Excuse me, I’m not going to share the table with Biondini because he’s antisemitic.” I apologize to the people but this is my limit. Mr. Biondini is antisemitic and I am not willing to even argue with him. “

Then, through his Twitter account, he pointed out that he went to the program without knowing that Biondini was invited. “I found out when they sat next to me at the table,” said Santoro.