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Annual Report Argentina

Antisemitism is the main reason for complaints of discrimination in Buenos Aires

Source: Diario Vivo

Antisemitism was the main reason for complaints of discrimination received by the City Prosecutor’s Office during the year 2017. Assaults against the Jewish community were 24 percent of the complaints, which marks a regrettable record: in 2016 that sector of the The population had also suffered the most acts of discrimination, with 22 percent of the 210 cases.

The second reason for discrimination reported in 2017 was sexual characteristics, with 20 percent of the total, followed by attacks by physical and mental characteristics, which registered 19 percent of the complaints.

The analysis also highlights that about 30 percent of the events took place in private homes, while an equivalent happened in the public space: almost 13 percent of the complaints related to discrimination are based on social networks and instant messaging services.