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The newest form of antisemitism is hatred of Israel

Source: globes

BDS does not seek peace it seeks the elimination of Israel, warns World Jewish Congress president Ron Lauder.

Shortly after the second world war when the world saw the true horrors of the nazi death camps, we thought antisemitism had finally been wiped out for good.

But, now 7 decades and 3 generations later we see how wrong we were.

Today, people throughout Europe frustrated with government or the establishment or the wealthy, once again, blame their problems first on immigrants and then on the age-old scape goat the Jews.

What does it say that the second leading candidate for president in France’s last election was Marine Le Pen – the far-right daughter of a renowned antisemite? Or that the leader of the Labor Party in Britain and possibly the next prime minister Jeremy Corbyn is an outright antisemite?

And in Germany where the straight-arm nazi salute has been banned since 1945, we watched something last month that we never thought we’d see in that country again. Neo-Nazis marching through the streets of Chemnitz and Dortmund reaching out their arms and screaming hatred towards Jews and attacking a Jewish restaurant and the police – because they are not instructed in what to do – did nothing !! It reminds us of 1938 when the police stood by on Kristallnacht while Jews were beaten, store windows smashed and over a thousand synagogues burned to the ground.

Europe in 2018 is not Europe of 1938. But it’s because what happened 80 years ago was so horrific, we monitor it constantly.

German police reaction must be forceful – there should be zero tolerance for Nazis in germany today.

The United Nations was created out of the ashes of World War II. It was built on the broken bones of the Jewish people. So, what does it mean that the UN singles out one – and only one country for condemnation – over and over again and that one country is the only Jewish state on earth, israel. Listen to these numbers, but remember there are many more like it.

Between 2012 and 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted 97 resolutions criticizing countries 83 out of those 97 were against Israel. 83 out of 97!

Between 2009 and 2014 UNESCO passed 47 resolutions of condemnation: 1 against syria – where over half-a-million human beings have been slaughtered, and all the rest – 46 – against israel. This makes a mockery of UNESCO. It makes a mockery of the UN.