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Morocco Struggle against Antisemitism

King of Morocco integrates Holocaust into school curricula

Source: kipa

King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Wednesday ordered that the Holocaust be included in the school textbooks of Maghreb high schools, the Moroccan news website Le Desk reported.

The report, widely circulated on social networks, indicated that during his visit to the United Nations General Assembly, the king sent an order to the Moroccan Minister of Education to ask him to introduce studies on the Holocaust in his program.

“The story we teach our children should contain a range of pluralistic opinions and stories, and present the greatest moments of humanity as well as the darkest moments,” said the king.

“Education has the power to fight against discrimination and racism, and against the horrible phenomenon of anti-Semitism,” added King Mohammed. The king also mentioned the director general of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, daughter of her advisor André Azoulay.

Listen to Azoulay herself praising the king’s decision and writing on her Twitter page that “the king has presented antisemitism as the absolute opposite of freedom of expression and coexistence … The war against anti-Semitism does not can take place only as a war of education and culture “.

It is unclear how the Holocaust will be studied in schools in the country and what will be the wording and testimony in the textbooks. Morocco has diplomatic relations with Israel and the government of King Mohammed VI, like his father, Mohammed V, is known for his compassionate attitude toward Jews.