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Antisemitic incident at Stoughton HS

Source: boston25news

Stoughton, MA – A local mother is voicing her frustration after a report of an antisemitic incident and bullying happened at Stoughton High School.

“It’s inappropriate behavior for any child of any ethnic background,” said the mother. “I just pray to God that nobody has to go thru that, for anybody.”

She asked to remain anonymous as she says her child was also a student who was bullied last year.

On Tuesday, the Stoughton High School principal, Juliette Miller sent out a letter to parents saying, in part:

“It appears a student or students may have encouraged another classmate to make an offensive anti-Semitic gesture and comment to another student.”

Mitchell Stern, a parent and former teacher, says the alleged antisemitic incident is wrong and thinks the school sending the letter to parents immediately was the right move.

“Those types of things just don’t belong in schools,” said Stern.

The mother agrees but says her child is still suffering the effects of being bullied and hopes the school can do all it can to protect the victim.

“I don’t know about that because I know last year it wasn’t and that’s why my kid is in a different program,” said the mother.