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Struggle against Antisemitism

Google in turn withdraws the application of Alain Soral

Source: i24news

The Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) announced Thursday that the application of the ideologue Alain Soral “Equality and reconciliation” had been removed from Google’s application catalog, “a victory” for the organization. The EUJF welcomes the withdrawal of the application + Equality and Reconciliation + Alain Soral from the Google Play Store, “she wrote in a statement, speaking of” new victory “, after the withdrawal of the application last week from Apple’s catalog.

These two withdrawals “allow to enforce French law to counter the surge of antisemitic hatred through the theses propagated by Alain Soral,” she adds. UEJF “now calls Google to continue its action by removing the YouTube channel of Alain Soral which has more than 110,000 subscribers and ceasing to show the site (…) Google News results.” Beginning of June, Alain Soral was sentenced to two suspended prison sentences for provoking racial hatred, after the publication on his website of two antisemitic cartoons. His YouTube channel was then closed by the US video platform, but reopened afterwards.